2 incredible interior decorations! The grey colour rules in the kitchen.

Grey evokes totally opposite feelings. Commonly regarded as unremarkable, ordinary and dull, returns today in a completely new dimension and meaning.
Basic grey is a combination of black and white in different proportions. This is a colour of compromise and balance. The colour of fog, silence and dusk. Mysterious, delicate and surprising. Grey can fit almost all colours and shades. Always goes second, gives a way, pulls back. These features, when skilfully used within the interior, can help us achieve our desirable effects, sometimes extreme ones. Since the grey colour is diverse and occurs in many shades, can be universal.


Current trends take advantage of grey. Not only can it be found in modern, loft or minimalist interiors but also in traditional and stylish areas, where it can introduce an element of surprise, a fresh breath and new spirit. It’s a colour which makes the interior light, modern and takes off the burden of glut or excessive ornamentations. Even the most decorated interior in this shade seems to be more modest, subtle, and consequently, more elegant and relevant. In the era of minimalism, commonly praised, where the following slogan: ‘less means more’, is so popular, grey becomes an optimal solution, some sort of a bridge connecting the previous styles with the current trends.


The grey colour, despite a lack of being an ‘appetizing’ colour, is also successfully used in kitchens. By taking advantage of grey we can create modern, ascetic, laboratory, austere, lofty and cool kitchens... The colours in these areas are only reserved for dishes, fruit, vegetables, juices.... The contrasting effect and this grey feature, which pulls it back to the background, make the dishes taste delicious in this kitchen, and their look (first ‘we eat with our eyes’) enchants, attracts and calls. As grey displays, highlights and emphasizes other colours.farby_do_kuchni

Interior decor No.1 - a flat of loft type.
Grey shades underline the industrial style of the interior. The kitchen below is only a small kitchenette, however, the colours of the entire interior contribute to harmony as a whole, and are based on grey shades and white with turquoise elements. The interior character is created by suitably selected furniture and lighting, as well as applied wall decoration. A decorative texture - Concrete Style, made by ‘formwork’ method, highlights the industrial austerity of the decor and gives it a taste.


Interior decor No.2 - natural and modern.
The grey colour does not always mean an ideal and smooth surface. Lime Stucco MAGNAT Style was created for those who still stubbornly assert that grey is dull, which forms a texture on the wall deceptively similar to polished stone. As a result, the interior is provided with natural, elegant and very modern image. The grey shade of the compound (hematite) contrasts with unspoiled white of lacquered fronts of the kitchen furniture. The whole is complemented by furniture of exotic wood. The interior consists of untypical materials of interesting and contrasting textures, which look beautifully and supplement each other.


Grey, being rediscovered today, contributes to a unique atmosphere within the kitchen interior. Results in exciting and, at the same time, cool and cosy character, balances contrasts and combines styles. It’s an incredible and unique colour as far as interior decoration is concerned.

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