5 modern and unusual ways to decorate the living room.

An ingeniously decorated living room is not always the heart of home - a place where we rest and meet our friends, but also a showpiece of home dwellers. Its style, colour and character say a lot about us, our interests, taste as well as orientation towards current trends. Therefore, it’s worth putting some effort so that it looks beautiful, modern and sensual. Below we provide a few examples which combine both interesting decoration and refined colours.

1) Plenty of functions in a small area.
Pull out sofa can turn into a comfy bed in the evening, whereas a wide windowsill, if necessary, can become a bright and large desk. Simultaneously, the living room acts as bedroom, relaxation room and home office. However, small living room’s area does not resign from elegance. Suitably selected colours as well as equipment elements make the interior look elegant and spatial.


Even old furniture (sofa and armchair from 1960s) can look modern and a bit extravagant. Thanks to bold pop-art colours, the living room can become an interesting medley of modernity and history. The shape of old furniture in vivid colours can surprise, inspire and entertain.


3) Balanced composition.
The old interior of old tenement can look ideal thanks to modern shapes of furniture, lighting as well as accommodated, consistent and elegant colour of walls. White, grey and ruby red are colours which can be repeated in equipment and decoration. As a result, the interior is coherent and beautiful.


4) Natural inspirations. 
A well-tried method for ideal interior decor is reference to colours and textures which are found in nature. A texture on the wall imitates travertine, a fur rug encourages us to take our slippers off, and flowers in a wicker basket and a classic sofa shape, contribute to an idyllic atmosphere. Muslin curtains and very delicate colours as well as white modern furniture make the interior, despite some rustic elements, look modern and light.


5) Shades of black and grey.
White interior prevents light and enhances the impression of space. Shapes of up-to-date grey furniture against the white background, despite toned down colours, can create a valuable contrast. In interiors where the colour was brutally eliminated, shape, structure and form are of predominant significance. 
Oftentimes, a good idea for the living room can be hidden in surprisingly composed colours, well selection of materials and textures as well as the shape and form of the equipment. Selection depends primarily on our preferences, personality and sensitivity.

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