Decorative painting - use potential of the walls!

An artistically decorated wall can radically renew the interior, be an inspiration for a unique decor. Depending on the area style, its character and our own preferences, we can choose a way to restore our premises. Interestingly, there are plenty of options we can choose from! Interior and space designers put forward a lot of interesting solutions so that the wall can no longer look dull. By taking advantage of available on the market materials, we can create an unusual, modern and beautiful surface, accommodated to the interior style and expressing our personality and aesthetic values.



One of the easiest, but uniquely efficient, ways to create an unusual wall are decorative textures. They are available on the market in the form of ready-to-use compounds which we can use to decorate walls. Various colours and character of these products provide a wide range of decor opportunities.


The compound can be used to cover the whole surface of walls and ceilings, applied in the form of stripes, circles, dados or certain sections. An interesting effect can be also obtained if combining them with stencils, then we can form 3D and convex patterns. These easy-to-use products can inspire us and spur us to carry out some experiments.



For years, painting stencils have been known and appreciated ways to renew walls. In the past, in order to obtain a similar effect, convex rollers with patterns were used, whose handling required a lot of skills, and the final effect was not so extraordinary.  Today, painting stencils can be used a great deal more accurately.  An abundance of patterns and application options make them an ideal tool in the interior design.


This is a commonly known and inconspicuous painting tool which can be used to create numerous unique patterns within interiors. Stripes, squares, polygons and even circles and irregular shapes, can be formed and precisely painted. Consequently, this kind of wall ornamentation highlights and indicates an individual character of the area. Minimum manual skills and a good idea are enough!


The plus sides of such decor interior are colours accommodated to the interior character as well as a guarantee of their uniqueness. Unless, we reveal our recipe to somebody else to realize our idea.



A remarkable idea to decorate a flat wall can be application of gypsum or polyurethane mouldings. Not so long ago only stylish and historic interiors could enjoy their charm. They are used more commonly within interiors to get rid of the minimalist boredom or juxtapose with contrasting lofts or recycled objects, to build an interesting and unusual atmosphere.


Decorated mouldings, rosettes, portals in combination with attractive interior colours contribute to unique details, making the interior look interestingly, uniquely and beautifully.


An interestingly finished wall attracts our attention, inspires and imparts class and artistic expression to the interior. Available materials in stores as well as tools, application manuals and ready-to-use ideas , comprise a wide range of proposals thanks to which we can create even the most sophisticated interior decors.











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