How to paint walls in the living room with kitchenette.

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Kitchens have become an integral part of living rooms for a long time. Combining these two rooms can be often favourable for their functionality and aesthetics. How to combine these two zones whose functions are totally unrelated? Should we establish some sort of boundaries which can determine where the living room finishes and the kitchen begins? Or maybe, blur the division and integrate the space optimally? efekt_betonu_w_salonie_w_aneksie_kuchennym

A colour selection for the living room should take into account all the factors which are considered during the interior design, i.e. size and light, equipment, function, style, idea and dwellers’ preferences. The living room’s style affects the appearance and the colour of the kitchenette. According to the latest trends, the kitchenette ought to be colouristically and stylishly woven in the living room, rather than distinguished. The less the kitchen zone is visible, the better.

While taking a peek at the latest trends we can sometimes get the impression that we deal with some sort of camouflage of the kitchen space. Home appliances are concealed in the built-in cabinets, ventilation hoods resemble lamps, and screens over the benchtop take the form of a picture or painting. The kitchen ‘vanishes’ in the living room’s space.


The equipment and colours of these areas are a result of coherent design. Materials, patterns and colours are repeated within the whole interior, and the kitchen does not depart from the living room’s standards at all. Quite contrary. A TV set, a library or an upholstered armchair may appear here, so as to combine the areas even more and increase the value of the kitchen, which is no longer a ‘technical’ area, but a symbol of luxury, elegance and a good taste.
The contemporary finishing materials are easy to clean and can be used also in the kitchen. Previously, they looked like sterile and laboratory devices, whereas today they resemble a well furnished room. Top quality paints play a crucial role here, which supplanted ceramic tiles, (found not so long ago on the kitchen walls) and change radically the kitchen interior.



Bright and uniform colours are predominant in tiny areas. The colour of walls, furniture and equipment is often a composition where neutral colours are combined, slightly diversified by their value and shades. These tiny differences make the impression of the play of light in the room. Only accessories can contribute to colour features, but they can be barley noticeable and equally distributed on the whole surface, both in the kitchen and the living room.


In big living rooms, the colour can be found in a great deal bolder version. Most commonly, we can come across with warm and vividly saturated colours. They build the atmosphere of the interior. The appearing colours still combine the interior rather than divide it. The very same and selected colours can be seen on the wall, accessories and furniture, emphasizing the coherent character of the space.

Today, the living room and the kitchen create a common space. It’s not about the kitchen ‘being introduced to the living room’ but becoming a part of it. Nowadays, it’s hard to establish the frontier between the former kitchen and the living room. Integration takes place on all levels, from functional to visual. The interior colours combine and blur the last symptoms of former independence of these areas.

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