Paint colours for the bedroom - the latest trends.

A colour in the bedroom is a very individual matter. We tend to be influenced by current fashion, follow trends, however, we should not resign over our own preferences to feel comfortable in the bedroom.

Within interiors, colours play a crucial role as far as atmosphere is concerned. Whether we feel relaxed or our interior seems to be cosy, is of important significance not only for our emotions but also real physical relaxation.


How to make our bedroom look differently and take advantage of the latest trends?
Every year trendsetters and style experts publish hot off the press guidelines of what is trendy and popular in a particular season. Indeed, the patterns and colours proposed determine directions of our aims, also in interior design. It does not mean, however, that we are oblige to copy the proposed patterns. Especially in cases where they are far away from reality. It’s important though so that they can be a starting point for us, a sort of inspiration. Only combination of the both, i.e. contemporary trends proposed by stylists, and things we are in favour of, something we are really fond of, can ensure interesting and individual as well as unusual interior.
This season, they are very popular and desirable colours. If applied in the bedroom they look outstanding as they are colours of creation, mystery and luxury. They introduce to the interior a sensual and magic character.


Violet has numerous shades and depending on whether we use bright pastel colours, lily or maybe darker plum ones to aubergine shade, we can obtain a totally different effect and other colours can match them as supplement.
Violet matches all interior styles. Can look beautiful in modern and minimalist interiors as well as lofts. Here, the most beautiful effect can be obtained when combined with beige, grey and - more sophisticated composition - red. These interiors can be abundant in intense and saturated version. Its shade, however, ought to be warm and delicate.


Romantic and Provencal interiors combine violet with pink, ecru, light green, turquoise and toned down whites. Here, more delicate and lighten shades can be found but a bit cooler. Lavender and violet contribute to a subtle and delicate climate, ideal also for children’s bedrooms.


In glamour style violet occurs in combination with pink and black. We can encounter here all shades of the colour, also in various saturation.



They emphasize and enhance the most desirable values in the interior - space and light. This season, bedrooms will be accompanied by a colour, which is commonly regarded as cold, however, its other features (light scattering and optical space enlargement) make us take advantage of it more frequently. In interiors inspired by English style - modern country - the colour can be found with white, beige and delicate pastel shades. Thanks to this compositions, light blues seem to be warmer and the interiors look a great deal cosier. In bedrooms there might be single and darker colour features - navy blue, dark brown or black.


In modern interior design, blue can be found in a similar combination. Economical minimalist style warms up cool and light blue interior with natural wood shades and fabrics as well as a large amount of light.



Still fashionable in consecutive season and seem to be independent on trends. In interiors, they occur in all shades, being an object of various design and colour experiments.
Grey in bedrooms is often ‘framed’ with white skirting boards, door frames or mouldings. In particular, it’s worth combining grey shades with pure white to highlight the fact of its presence. Warm wood shades, fabrics, wicker, paper, cork or metal provide the grey bedrooms with warmth and subtle charm.


More frequently, modern interiors take advantage of more intense grey shades. Graphite and dark colours ensure depth and become an explicit background for contrasting furniture and finishing details. The bedroom furnished with grey colours seems to be unique, subtle and intimate.


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