What colour to choose for our living room when we have bright furniture?

Interior’s character, style and atmosphere depend on all elements, which can be found in there. The final effect is created by an interesting combination of colours and textures. Materials used, their textures and, most of all, suitable interior colours impact our senses and make impressions.


Bright furniture introduces to the interior plenty of light, allows to have a great freedom and is unbelievably fashionable. It is perfectly noticeable against the background of vivid and strongly saturated colours, therefore it’s worth displaying objects which have an impressive shape and are highly valuable decoration in this area. Dark colours, however, look better in bigger interiors or illuminated by light with large quantity of bright accessories. White curtains, graphics background or just enormous furniture next to dark walls can create bright ‘marks’ within the interior space. Their role is to balance the vivid colours and make the interior become diverse and compelling.


For small living rooms it’s better to pick bright paints. The furniture and its shape look as if it ‘vanished’ in the space, whose frontiers are open. Light can play a predominant role and the whole interior will be optically bigger and more spacious. These colours are worth consideration in a big space, where there is a lack of daylight or when we want to hide the shape of unattractive or unfashionable furniture.

A colour combination can be an interesting solution to interiors equipped with bright furniture. White furniture is accompanied by neutral colours (from the palette of beiges, greyness or whites) and a ‘strong’ colour feature, which will become dominant in the interior. In order to emphasise the value and power of this colour, we can highlight it by introducing other accessories in the same colour. The interior will seem to be coherent then, and the design completed.


Stylish furniture and interiors can be given a new appearance, by refreshing the design through modern decorative textures. When combining bright stylish furniture with concrete or velluto we can create a surprising and electric design. The contrast of colour value and textures will be supplemented by another one - style contrast. It’s a bold proposal as well as incredibly refined and unusual


When tinting a decorative plaster with explicit and decisive colour we can create a stylish interior, full of elegance and reflecting light. The furniture and accessories prevent the design from being overwhelming, and the contemporary spirit can be explicitly perceptible.


Bright furniture, thanks to its neutral character, allows to obtain interesting and experimental colour designs, as well as underline other accessories of the interior. Its subtle character does not have to make the living room dull, quite contrary, it can ensure space for colours and textures, which will contribute to attractive composition within the interior.



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