Discover new MAGNAT CERAMIC colours


Colours reflect our mood and emotions. Their role in interior decoration is not limited to creating the background for furniture or accessories, but they constitute a significant element that adds to the overall room atmosphere. In the MAGNAT CERAMIC collection, enriched with 11 brand new colours, you will find paints that will help you unleash your creativity potential

The current MAGNAT CERAMIC paint portfolio comprises 56 colours, including white. The portfolio has been recently extended with 11 new hues that perfectly complement the previous colour scheme. The new colours, conforming to the latest aesthetic trends, have been selected by an experienced group of stylists and interior designers.

The MAGNAT CERAMIC colour palette has been extended with the following off-white paint colours: “Charming Diamond” (C46),“Fanciful Opal” (C47),“Pearl Dolomite” (C48),beige and brown tones: “Sandy Marble” (C51),“Pharaoh Stone” (C49),“Chocolate Flint” (C50),grey hues: “Picasso Jasper” (C53),“Stylish Anthracite” (C54) and more distinct colours: the blue “Sapphire Secret” (C56),the violet “Magic Almandine” (C55) and the red “Fiery Carnelian” (C52). The MAGNAT CERAMIC colours will also be adequately displayed on the paint packaging, using large and clear stickers. This will make it easy to find the desired colour by taking a glance at the shop shelf.
Colours play a major role in our direct surrounding. Depending on their actual tone, they may have a reviving or calming effect, letting you spend a truly relaxing time within the snugness of your home. The multitude of colours of the stain-resistant MAGNAT CERAMIC paint, inspired by the beauty of unique gemstones, will make your space unconventional and impossible to be passed by unnoticed.

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