Take a trip to the magical world of refined colours with the latest MAGNAT 2015 trends


Big city space, luxury, classical beauty, a pinch of vintage, or ideas inspired by nature... MAGNAT 2015 trends provide a new wave of ideas to change the look of your home. Their unusual colours will give you unlimited opportunities to transform your interiors.

A multitude of MAGNAT CERAMIC paints and MAGNATStyle decorating systems, proposed in the latest MAGNAT trends, will let you enter the world of ravishing colours. The interiors created in line with those trends will not only be places of relaxation, meetings and joyful memories, but they will perfectly match your personality. Take a look at MAGNAT 2015 inspirations.

The man has always been fascinated with the Universe. Interior decoration inspired by space trips – even those virtual ones – may prove an excellent solution if you are willing to reach beyond Earth's horizon.


Fixing your eyes on the hypnotising beauty of faraway planets and galaxies, you may create inimitable and breath-taking stylisations in your own home. Interiors filled with harmony and tranquillity, with prevailing soft and sublimated colours, will make you literary feel the influence of the Galaxy. This trend favours refined navy blue and violet colours. These may be combined with light grey that will set the border between day and night, and a bridge from light to shade. Lunar meteorites and unexampled textures will complement the whole stylisation and if you are fond of real novelties, spaceship-like accessories may do their job.


By re-shaping your interiors and changing their previous look, you create new emotional layers. They reflect your feelings and emotions, acting as a kind of life's diary.


Colours are not limited to decorative elements, but they also express your inner experience and manifest the strength of your personality. Things happen at their own pace, without haste. Once you wake up, a new story begins, fuelled by current inspirations. They let you create a truly personalised space  a composition of what's here and now. The Awakening trend opts for pastel colours and derives joy from simple things. If you follow this trend, you will be able to make time will flow slowly. This stylisation is light, ethereal and poetic, reflecting your inner architecture.


Eko Organic Design
Mother Nature is wild and severe, but full of wonders that have invariably constituted the source of inspiration for the greatest designers. Eko stands for simplicity and beauty, being a manifestation of respect for the nature and its treasures.


The interiors arranged in line with the "Eko Organic Design” emanate with an enchanting harmony of shapes and colours. Ergonomic forms combined with geological structures create an entirely new spatial dimension. This trend is dominated by different hues of green and brown, for which natural stones and raw materials will be a perfect match. References can also be made to the sea fauna and flora, characterised with rounded shapes and organic structures. Patterns should be subtle and materials light. This unique celebration of the wildlife potential and reconnection with nature will give your home an added value.


That's colour
Colours are the most designer-friendly elements. The play of colours creates a sense of freedom, offering huge design opportunities. You are free to use all colours of the rainbow to decorate your home. This visual freedom is the underlying feature of our new "That's colour” trend.


It will suit courageous and adventurous people who fancy experiments and are not afraid of mixing up intense colours. Deep colours carry a truly energising power that will keep you going. Colours should be accompanied with diversified spatial structures. This combination of intense colours with modern patters delivers a new visual experience. It will let you fill your space with emotions and make an exceptional atmosphere.



Let us inspire you with MAGNAT 2015 trends and revolutionise your interiors, covering them with gemstone-like colours. Spring has always seemed the best time for metamorphoses. This is when, basked in the sunlight, the world becomes beautifully coloured. Let this charm enter your living space.


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