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Product description

 MAGNAT CERAMIC CS 3G, a 3rd generation interior ceramic paint, manufactured by taking advantage of the innovative technology - CERAMIC SYSTEM, based on ceramic components and top-quality resins and pigments.  As a result of this unique formula MAGNAT paint features extraordinary resistance to wet scrubbing and multiple washing and prevents the paint coat from absorbing dirt and ‘difficult’ residues1, as well as is resistant to disinfectants2

The aforementioned attributes guarantee a unique durability of the finishing and the colour.

1 does not absorb dirt and ‘difficult’ residues such as:

- ketchup, sunflower oil, water markers, crayons, lipstick, mustard (remove within 1 hour)

- coffee, tea, wine (remove within 5 minutes). 

The tests were carried out after 28 days on smooth and seasoned substrates for the aforementioned residues within the said time limits. The manufacturer guarantees the effect of stain-resistance1 on smooth surfaces.

2The tests were carried out on selected samples of disinfectants

  • Resistant to scrubbing and multiple washing
  • Excellent coverage and efficiency
  • Does not splatter during painting
  • Resistant to disinfectants
  • Stain resistance
  • Efficiency:16 m2/L
  • Available containers:2,5L

Application method

Substrate preparation - The substrate to be painted must be seasoned, solid, dry, clean as well as dust, rust and grease free.  It’s necessary to prime new substrates, depending on their type, by taking advantage of an appropriate primer. Walls and ceilings - smoothed or covered with a very intense colour must be primed by MAGNAT Primer.  Old coats of glue and lime paints which peel off and show poor adhesive properties must be removed.  Good quality coats of emulsion paints must be washed with an additive of special soap.  It’s recommended to fill in any substrate irregularities by taking advantage of ACRYL-PUTZ® putty and apply an appropriate primer.  Water, nicotine, oil residues must be painted out by taking advantage of Śnieżka ZACIEKI-PLAMY paint.  It’s recommended to apply an appropriate priming agent of Acryl-Putz ® upon highly absorptive, loose and chalky substrates.  Fibreglass wallpapers must be painted directly or it’s necessary to follow other manufacture's recommendations.  New metal elements must be protected by an anticorrosive paint.  It’s worth considering that appropriate substrate preparation and use of recommended tools contribute to high efficiency of the paint. 

Painting: Before application mix the paint carefully, do not dilute it.  Do not add lime or mix with other emulsion paints.  Apply two coats by MAGNAT paintbrush, roller (natural 10-19 mm of hair length) or  spraying method  Apply carefully and uniformly the same amount of paint on a selected section of the wall or the ceiling.  Carry out the last stroke of the roller towards one direction.  Apply another coat after min 2 hours.  The coat obtains its full strength properties 28 days after completion of painting works.  Removal of stains and ‘difficult’ dirt from porous and uneven substrates might not be easy. Painting works must be performed at the substrate and ambient temperature between +10°C  and +30ºC. The tools must be washed by water. During painting works and after their completion the area must be ventilated until the odour vanishes.  Keep out of reach of children.  Store and keep in sealed containers.  Protect against influence of frost and direct sunlight.  Storage temperature between +5ºC and + 30 ºC. Detailed information about the product can be found in Technical Data Sheet.

Files to download

Available colours (56)

Select colour from the available palette
  • C1 Biały Diament
  • C2 Aksamitny Agat
  • C3 Waniliowy Kryształ
  • C5 Dostojna Perła
  • C13 Kocie Oko
  • C46 Powabny Diament
  • C4 Perła Półncy
  • C6 Lniany Nefryt
  • C47 Finezyjny Opal
  • C48 Perłowy Dolomit
  • C49 Kamień Faraonów
  • C11 Kamień Księżycowy
  • C10 Szlachetny Krzyształ
  • C9 Delikatny Bronzyt
  • C8 Spokojny Agat
  • C7 Brązowy Jaspis
  • C12 Kawowy Onyks
  • C50 Czekoladowy Krzemień
  • C14 Pastelowy Opal
  • C21 Róża Pustyni
  • C16 Złocisty Topaz
  • C51 Piaskowy Marmur
  • C22 Bursztynowa Komnata
  • C19 Pomarańczowy Szafir
  • C15 Subtelny Cytryn
  • C17 Miodowy Amber
  • C18 Blask Kalcytu
  • C20 Tygrysie Oko
  • C24 Gwiezdny Kwarc
  • C25 Wyszukany Aragonit
  • C33 Królewski Diament
  • C28 Kuszący Rubin
  • C23 Moc Jadeitu
  • C26 Koralowa Laguna
  • C27 Namiętny Karnelian
  • C52 Ognisty Karneol
  • C29 Szary Piryt
  • C30 Srebrzysty Granit
  • C53 Jaspis Picasso
  • C31 Grafitowy Marmur
  • C34 Różowy Kwarc
  • C35 Wrzosowy Rodonit
  • C36 Fiołkowy Ametyst
  • C54 Stylowy Antracyt
  • C55 Magiczny Almandyn
  • C37 Noc Kairu
  • C43 Zwycięski Aleksandryt
  • C41 Zielony Diament
  • C40 Czysty Oliwin
  • C44 Wysmakowany Oliwin
  • C42 Wytworny Malachit
  • C45 Biały
  • C38 Szmaragdowa Toń
  • C39 Naturalny Turkus
  • C32 Błękitny Topaz
  • C56 Tajemnica Szafiru
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