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Product description

MAGNAT Style concrete is a fine-grained and coloured mineral plaster, based on lime binder, found in powder form.  Appropriate product application allows to obtain a natural effect of “raw” concrete with its characteristic discolouration, as well as the effect of boarding or steel mould, smooth or solid with characteristic pits and defects. Concrete is a modern effect being a sophisticated decoration of modern interiors, which perfectly harmonizes with metal, glass and raw wood.  It’s recommended to interiors of houses and public utility buildings.

Dirt resistance
Application time
Frequency of surface use
    • Efficiency:to 1m2/kg with one coat
    • Available containers:3 kg, 10 kg
    • Matt degree:
      deep matt

    Application method

    Product preparation

    Pour in water of 0,45L per 1 kg of the compound.  Mix mechanically till obtaining a uniform mixture - the consistency should be adherent to the substrate and the tool.  The plaster prepared this way must be left for approximately 1 hour in a sealed container and next mixed again.  The plaster must be prepared in a sufficient quantity to carry out the whole decoration - in the event of extra quantity, the plaster can be stored maximum for the period of two months.  Should you need extra quantity of the plaster, then it’s recommended to prepare it in a separate container by following the aforementioned procedure, and then mix with the previously prepared plaster.


    STAGE 1 

    The substrate intended for decoration must be painted once by applying Magnat Style Undercoat.  Carry out the application after the undercoat has dried out.

    STAGE 2 

    By taking advantage of Venetian Trowel apply a coat of plaster  - MAGNAT Style Concrete.  After applying approx. 1m² on still wet surface, perform a texture by scratching and smoothing the applied product in certain areas.  While applying the product on other parts of the decorated surface it’s worth bearing in mind that it must be performed on still wet surface.  After applying approx. 4m² (or time approx. 20-30 minutes) the whole surface must be smoothed and left until it dries out. Coat drying time - 12 hours



    STAGE 3 

    After drying out, in order to protect the coat, apply MAGNAT Style colourless Rustic Varnish on the whole surface with a paintbrush or a roller. The varnish provides coats resistant to multiple scrubbing and washing by water with an additive of detergents.

    Useful Products:

    TOOLS: MAGNAT Venetian Trowel, MAGNAT Paintbrush, MAGNAT roller

    Additional information:

    Appropriate substrate preparation, use of recommended tools and painting methods contribute to obtaining a declared product efficiency.  Store and keep the product in sealed containers at temperature between +50C do +250C. The coat is dry in touch after 6-8 hours.  Coat drying time - 12 hours  The coat obtains its full resistance after 28 days.  The product does not require special application skills from the contractor. 

    Files to download

    Available colours (4)

    Select colour from the available palette
    • Beton Hematyt efekt gładki BT 10 kg + PB P16 100 ml
    • Beton Hematyt efekt gładki BT 10 kg + PB P16 300 ml
    • Beton Oryginał niebarwiony efekt gładki
    • Beton Oryginał niebarwiony efekt tzw. deskowania

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