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Product description

MAGNAT Style Grassi is a one-coat textured masonry acrylic paint, being a supplement for MAGNAT Style Venetian Plaster. Thanks to a content of brown particles allows to highlight the scratch-effect wall plaster obtained by taking advantage of MAGNAT Style Venetian Plaster, forming a two-colour decorative effect which contrasts with each other by white and brown particles against the selected colour of the background. It is a unique surface finish which provides simple solutions for those who are looking for unusual decorative effects.

Dirt resistance
Application time
Frequency of surface use
    • Efficiency:
    • Available containers:500 ml
    • Matt degree:
      deep matt

    Application method

    Product preparation:

    MAGNAT Style Grassi combine with MAGNAT Style Venetian Plaster and mix manually. The whole content must be tinted with MAGNAT Style Pigments according to the recipe. The maximum amount of pigment must not exceed 3% of the product’s capacity. Mix slowly and carefully. Mix the paint manually just before and during the application. Do not dilute with water, add lime or mix with other paints. In the event of tinting a few containers to obtain the same colour, in order to ensure a uniform colour effect, the products intended for tinting must be mixed together in one container.



    STAGE 1

    The surface intended for decoration must be painted 1-2 by applying Magnat Style Undercoat so as to ensure a uniform substrate.


    STAGE 2

    Apply a thicker coat of the MAGNAT Style Grassi crosswise with a paintbrush so as to prevent the white and brown particles in the product from crushing. After applying approx. 1m² of the product, we spread the coat by a half-dry paintbrush in order to eliminate streaks.



    STAGE 3

    Approximately 30 minutes after application (taking into consideration the weather conditions),we rub the surface with a plastic trowel for Venetian Plaster, crushing the white and brown particles. The activity is commenced from the area where the paint was applied firstly.

    Useful Products:

    TOOLS: Paintbrush for MAGNAT Venetian Plaster (50 mm/2”) or (125 mm/5”),A trowel for Venetian Plaster


    Additional information:

    Appropriate substrate preparation, use of recommended tools and painting methods contribute to obtaining a declared product efficiency. Painting works must be performed at the substrate and ambient temperature between +5°C and +25ºC and air humidity not exceeding 75%. Protect against influence of frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: between +5°C and +30°C. Store in sealed containers. The product requires special application skills from the contractor.

    Files to download

    Available colours (10)

    Select colour from the available palette
    • Grassi Almandyn GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P17 40 ml
    • Grassi Bronzyt GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P18 40 ml
    • Grassi Cytryn GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P2 40 ml
    • Grassi Granit GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P19 40 ml
    • Grassi Kalcyt GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P4 20 ml
    • Grassi Kryształ GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P1 40 ml
    • Grassi Oliwin GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P22 40 ml
    • Grassi Perła GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P23 40 ml
    • Grassi Piryt GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P24 40 ml
    • Grassi Rodonit GW 2,5 l + G 0,5 l + PB P25 20 ml

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