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Product description

MAGNAT Ultra Matt - latex matt paint intended for painting walls and ceilings. The paint is produced on the basis of an innovative technology based on the composition of selected components, ensuring matt surface and resistance to UV. Thanks to this formula, the MAGNAT Ultra Matt paint forms a matt coating that reduces smudging, eliminates imperfections of the substrate and provides a uniform finish, which prevents the walls from “going yellow”.

Holds hygienic certificate.

Benefits: Resistant to washing and scrubbing¹. Durable white resistant to UV radiation. Optimal drying time. Up to 14 m²/L per one coating. Does not splatter during painting. Very good adhesion to the substrate. Comfortable painting. Excellent coverage.

Technical properties: Application manner: roller², spray. Recommended number of coatings: 2. Second coating application: after min. 2h. Drying time³: min. 3 h.

¹ PN-C-81914:2002 Type I - paint resistant to wet scrubbing
² MAGNAT roller or other natural one (hair length 10-19 mm).
³ Coating drying time at temp. 23±20C, at relative air humidity 50±5%, degree 3.

  • Resistant to scrubbing and multiple washing
  • Excellent effect - uniform ceiling without streaks
  • Does not splatter during painting
  • Efficiency:Up to 14 m2/L per one coating
  • Available containers:2,5L

Application method

USE: The paint is intended for protective and decorative painting of substrates made of: cement, cement and lime, gypsum as well as gypsum cardboard panels and fibreglass wallpapers. Also, it can be applied on interior wood and wood-based substrates. It is recommended for residential and office premises, healthcare facilities intended for patients undergoing long treatment, educational centres for children and teenagers as well as areas where food is stored (yet not in direct contact). The paint features excellent coverage, high efficiency and durability.

APPLICATION MANNER: Substrate preparation - the substrate to be painted must be solid, dry as well as dust and grease free and seasoned. It’s recommended to apply MAGNAT PRIMER upon new substrates or featuring vivid colours. Old coatings of glue and lime paints which peel off and feature very poor adhesive properties must be removed. All water, nicotine and oil damp patches must be painted by applying the Śnieżka ZACIEKI-PLAMY paint. Loose substrates as well as highly absorptive and chalky ones must be primed by using an appropriate agent - ACRYL-PUTZ®. Areas where fungus was found, after removing the reasons of its occurrence, must be protected by applying a biocidal agent. All cracks and irregularities must be filled in by applying an appropriate ACRYL-PUTZ® putty and painted with MAGNAT PRIMER. Product preparation - stir the paint carefully. The product does not require diluting. Careful substrate preparation ensures the best final effect.

Painting - 1-2 coatings every 2-4 hours by roller or hydrodynamic spraying method. Apply undiluted paint on the primed substrate. Carry out the application at ambient and substrate temperature between +10ºC and +25ºC. The coating obtains its full strength properties 28 days after application. Wash the tools with water. During the application works and after their completion the area must be ventilated till the odour vanishes. Keep and store the product in sealed containers. Protect from frost and sunlight. Storage temperature between +5°C and +30°C. Detailed information can be found in the technical data sheet.

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