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MAGNAT Ultra Matt - Lateksowa Farba do Ścian i Sufitów

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MAGNAT Ultra Matt

  • excellent effect - uniform effect without streaks
  • resistant to scrubbing and multiple washing
  • does not splatter during painting
  • easy application and excellent coverage
  • super efficiency

Latex, anti-reflective, deep matt paint intended for painting of ceilings. Manufactured by taking advantage of NON-REFLEX, an innovative technology based on a composition of selected extenders and titanium, ensuring fully matt finishing coats. Thanks to this formula MAGNAT ULTRA MATT (1) provides anti-reflective and deep matt coats which reduce streaks, eliminate substrate imperfections and ensure uniform coats, regardless of the light angle. Allows to obtain an ideal effect in the form of uniform ceilings, without streaks, reflections and other imperfections.


The paint is intended for decorative and protective painting of surfaces made of cement, cement and lime, gypsum, cardboard gypsum panels, as well as fibreglass wallpapers.


Substrate preparation The substrate to be painted must be seasoned, solid, dry, as well as dust and grease free. It’s recommended to apply MAGNAT PRIMER upon new substrates or of very intense colour. Old coats of glue paints which show poor adhesive properties must be removed. Water, nicotine, oil residues must be painted out by taking advantage of Śnieżka ZACIEKI-PLAMY paint. It’s recommended to apply an appropriate priming agent of Acryl-Putz ® upon highly absorptive, loose and chalky substrates. Areas where fungus was found, after removing the reasons of its occurrence, must be protected by applying biocidal agent VIDARON. It’s recommended to fill in any substrate irregularities by taking advantage of ACRYL-PUTZ® putty and apply MAGNAT PRIMER.

Product preparation. mix the product carefully. No need to dilute. If necessary, dilute with pure water.

Painting. apply with a roller, a paintbrush or a hydrodynamic spraying method 1-2 coats every 2-4 hours. The paint can be diluted up to 10% with water for new and non primed substrates or fibreglass wallpapers. Apply non-diluted paint upon primed substrates. Carry out painting works at the air and ambient temperature between +10°C and +30°C. The coat obtains its full resistance properties 28 days after completion of painting works. Clean the tools with water. During painting works and after their completion the area must be ventilated until the odour vanishes. Store and keep in sealed containers. Protect against influence of frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature between +5ºC and + 30 ºC. Detailed information about the product can be found in Technical Data Sheet.

Additional Information

Efficiency to 14 m²/L with one painting only
Container 2.5L, 5L, 10L
Number of coats 2
Matt degree 3 - matt
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